Basildon and Wickford Lions Club
Part of the International Association of Lions Clubs
District 105EA, Region 5, Zone A, Club Number 19737
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The Club is involved in a long list of Community Service projects that variously support:
  • individuals from within the local community
  • local charitable or not-for-profit organisations
  • local projects connected with national charitable or not-for-profit organisations
  • national LIONS projects, including disaster relief
  • international LIONS projects, including disaster relief

Some of these projects are regular annual occurrences, but the majority are 'ad hoc' requests for support, that need to be considered individually on their own merits. Almost all require either partial or contributary financial support from the club, but a few simply ask for our time, which we give freely as appropriate.

Our funds are limited, and we always consider all requests for financial support very carefully. For both local and national organisations we often ask to see copies of recent accounts, to help us judge just how 'desperate' the potential beneficiary is, so that we can focus our funds on good causes that cannot easily be supported in other ways. We are also encouraged by evidence of efforts by the potential beneficiary to raise their own funds, eg, through their own fund-raising activities, as it is easier for us to consider 'making up the difference' rather than to offer full funding.

For many of our 'Service' projects we welcome the help and assistance of non-members, and if you are interested, please see the 'contact us' page on this website.

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