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As part of a world-wide tree planting campaign by Lions Clubs International - which has so far resulted in nearly 7 million trees being planted in many countries around the world, see here for more details (click on "International" and then on "Tree Planting Campaign") - our club donated 10 trees to Wick Country Park, in Wickford. Well, actually it turned out to be 11 trees - wild cherry, bird cherry and wild service - which are native trees and were chosen because they will benefit the wildlife of the Park. The nectar of their blossom will sustain insects, including bees, and their fruit provide food for wintering birds. In additiion, these are beautiful trees and we hope visitors will enjoy both the spring blossom and the autumn colour.

Planting was carried out one Sunday morning in February by Lions and Friends of the Country Park, with help and support from the Basildon Countryside Rangers. The pictures below show the working party in action...

The band of Lions and Friends of Wick Country Park split into two teams. Here the 'Top Field' team start digging their holes... Hole digging, top field
.... including a very conspicuous Lion President John White John White
The roots of the trees had been soaked in the Country Park's lake for half an hour prior to planting. I know - that doesn't really look like 11 trees, does it?Eleven trees ready to plant
The Main Field team with their five trees, ready to plant main field, 5 trees
The 'Main Field' team show off one of their holesHole, main field
Damn - we dug it too deep!!!Too deep
The Top Field team take a breather - that hole is perfect (now...) main field, done
Lion President John White securing a tree with a stakeJohn, staking
Is the pub open yet?John, finished
Anything the 'Top Field' team can do, we can do better - the 'Main Field' team stake their first tree. main field, staking
Finished article on the 'Main Field'. main field, done
A line of six trees on the top field - all done and dusted. Now it really is time for a beer! Please note - the trees really are straight. Lions are "ordinary people who do amazing things" - including the taking of sloping photos.... main field, done